Temporary Childcare

Do you need help in everyday life? Whether it is pick up at the daycare, school or after school care. Babysitting, so you can get off to that special wedding or birthday party. Reliability of someone who can assist when overtime or late meetings occurs at work? Our flexible babysitters are matched to suit your family's needs. The child is always in focus and you decide together with the babysitter how the time is to be spent with the child. Do you need a babysitter for children with special needs? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our expertise in this area.

Nanny Placement

Do you need ongoing help every week? Our nannies can help with ensuring everyday life flows smoothly, whether it is picking up at the daycare, school or after school care. Follow along to any after school activities such as sports practices and birthday parties. We also even perform simple cleaning, cooking and assist with errands.
For those families seeking more steady help we have discount prices available.
Of course, we offer the complimentary exchange of a nanny if it does not feel 100% right for both you as parents and children after the first week.
Looking for a nanny who speaks a specific language, do not hesitate to contact us for more information

Au pair Placement

Find that an au pair who fits into your family life. This means you don't need to worry about leaving your children with a babysitter they may not know. Your au pair will come to know your children very well and become familiar with their routines. Your au pair will come to know your children very well and become familiar with their routines. Au pairs can also introduce your children to their culture and language. So your children will learn about how children are brought up in other countries. Your children may even pick up a few words of another language. All of this will help to broaden their horizons and improve their knowledge of the wider world. Having an au pair to stay means you can expect help with housework as well as childcare.


No place is so important and vital to our presence as our own home. But home is not only our great joy, it can sometimes be something of a concern. A home requires constant maintenance and this is among the most time-consuming tasks you can take on.Our housekeeping and home help services cover all types of domestic tasks, shopping and meal preparation and household management. Simply pick and choose the services you need, and feel free to add to them over time, or change them for others. We can help you with Cleaning including window cleaning, Laundry and ironing, gardening. We offer other many service too and our services are available for everyone..


Do you need someone to keep an eye on your domestic animal? No problem! We can help you connect with local Pet sitters that can help you manage your menagerie. Whether you need a dog walker, groomer, trainer or other special care for your pet, you will find the right pet sitter here. You can find pet sitters that are available for quick appointment or long stays, depending on how long you will be away from your pet.You will be able to find pet sitters who are experienced housebreaking and training animals, many of which have background checks

Background Checks

Our aim is to find the exact right person to each family. Common requirements, in addition to having relevant experience and a vast interest for children, are for the nanny to live nearby and having the right age. We perform thorough checks of all candidates e g through contacting references. If necessary, we also require a statement of the person´s criminal records from the local authority in order to ensure that the individual has no criminal convictions..