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An excellent option to study a language abroad is through an “Au Pair” program thus ,being  in an Au Pair it  give  the opportunity to study in another country, know the way families live in their  day to day daily basis, learning  about their culture,hence  earning  some money that will allow you to enjoy more your experience of living abroad. An au-pair lives with a host family and receives a minimum payment of SEK 3500 before tax for light household duties and child care.


If you are a citizen of a non-EU country and want to be an au pair, you need to obtain a work permit. The purpose of your stay in Sweden must be to obtain international experience and the opportunity to learn Swedish language and culture.

If you have a permit to work as an au-pair you are consequently not permitted to work as a nanny or housemaid full-time.

A previous period spent as an au-pair in another country immediately prior to the planned stay in Sweden could reduce the chances of you being granted a permit in Sweden. It could be a sign that you are not really an au-pair, but a regular full-time nanny or housemaid.

For work that is shorter than three months, citizens in certain countries must have an entry visa.

Requirements for work and residence permit

In order to obtain a work permit, you must:

  • have a valid passport
  • be 18-30 years old
  • show that you have a definite interest in or use for Swedish language studies
  • have a certificate of admission to studies in Swedish
  • have a written job offer from a family in Sweden, indicating that you will be doing light housework for no more than 25 hours per week
  • not bring any children with you

Household and studies combined must not exceed 40 hours per week.

Your host family must offer you

  • a maximum of 25 hours housework per week
  • studies in Swedish for a large part of the remainder of a 40-hour work week
  • board and lodging
  • a minimum salary of SEK 3500 per month before tax

Applying for a work and residence permit

You must apply for a work and residence permit from your native country or some other country where you are living outside Sweden. Those who receive a work and residence permit will be given a residence permit card. The card is proof of your residence permit. When you enter Sweden, you must show your residence permit card as well as a valid passport.

Different ways of applying

You can apply at a Swedish embassy or consulate in the country you live in. You must use the form Au pair (form number 131011). In order for the Migration Board to be able to issue a residence permit card, you will be photographed and have your fingerprints taken in connection with

  • submitting your application or
  • when you receive your residence permit

Make sure your application is complete

Enclose the following documents with your application:

  • copies of the pages of your passport that show your identity, the validity period of your passport and whether you have permits to be in countries other than your native country
  • a written invitation from your host family stating the terms and conditions of your employment as an au-pair
  • a receipt for the application fee
  • a certificate from your place of study stating how many hours per week you will study

If you plan to work for less than three months and need an entry visa, you must also enclose two photographs in passport format. They must be taken from the front and they must not be older than six months.

Check the requirements of Swedish missions abroad

Note that the embassy or consulate where you submit your application may require additional documents. You will find more information and contact information on the website of the relevant embassy.

 If you are granted a work and residence permit

The decision will be sent to the embassy or consulate, either the one where you applied or the one that you specified when you applied on the website. If you have not been photographed previously and had your fingerprints taken, you will need to visit a Swedish mission abroad to do so. Once the residence permit card is ready, the mission abroad will issue, or in certain cases send, the card to you.

Important information about insurance.

The employee will not be registered in Sweden, which means that they will not be eligible for social benefits if they receive a permit for less than one year. It is important for them to have an insurance policy that will cover any costs that may arise in connection with illness, injury, etc

Validity period for a work and residence permit

You can only be granted a work and residence permit for the period you have been offered work. The maximum validity period is one year.

Start your application

  • Find or join us for  free.
  • Make up a profile, list of your work experience, and make sure you include children.If you haven’t done a little bit of babysitting, then get that done first.
  • Write an autobiographical essay, make sure you stick to the truth, nothing but the truth.
  • Make a photo website and upload lots of pictures of yourself, showing your character, friends and family.This will let the family know where they stand on your hobbies, how well you look after yourself and other details. No one wants a slob looking after their children.

After receiveing your application. we will start matching process, applying for the families. Family will need to know you and contact you. Talk on the phone first, make sure everything is alright with them. Ask to speak maybe even to the children if it makes you feel comfortable!. After finding your perfect match we will start work on work permit papers.

Do you have urgent question dont hesitate to contact us.

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