Au Pair Programs

What is an Au Pair?

The word “Au Pair” is a french term, which means “on par” or “equal to”, indicating that an Au Pair should be treated as a member of the family and not as hired help. An Au Pair is young woman or man from a foreign country who in a exchange for room,board, and pocket money helps the host family with childcare and light housework.

“Au Pair” placement is the temporary reception by families, in exchange for certain services. Such young foreigners are hereinafter called persons placed “au pair”.

The benefit for Au Pair is to improve language or professional skills as well as experience new country and culture. The purpose for the family is to expose children and parents to a new culture and country. Therefore, participating in Au Pair program can be very exciting and interesting experience for both the Au Pair and the host family.

Au pairs duties

Au pairs can be expected to do a combination of child care and light housework duties. They are not responsible for housework that does not relate to the children’s or communal living areas that are kept tidy by all family members. An au pair’s duties may include:

  • waking the children
  • taking/collecting children to/from school
  • helping with school homework
  • playing with the children
  • taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities
  • preparing light meals for children
  • doing the children’s laundry and ironing their clothes
  • making the children’s beds
  • cleaning the children’s bathroom

Profound background screening of the au pairs:

Au pairs must undergo a thorough interview where the host familes take information about their experiences and knowledge. To work as an au pair one must have previous childcare experience. We also check their references and request a background check.
The agency provides  au pairs with information regarding rules and regulations in the country,and  give a full overview of the Program to the Au Pair and the consequences: long time away from home, cultural differences. We help au pairs with necessary documents.