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We are Sweden based recognized national and international reputed Recruitment company. We are fully licensed and registered FA-Tax. Help Board Scandinavia is a temporary and permanent placement personnel company working solely with skilled, professional workers. Help Board Scandinavia differs from other temporary and permanent placement companies because of our skilled home helpers.
The company believes that the temporary client pays only cursory attention to providing businesses qualified workers for permanent and non-permanent positions. Help Board Scandinavia is a modern and high-class concierge service.

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For Employers

Find Your Babysitter

Create an account. Access to au pairs with picture, profile and contact information. You contact who you are interested in.

Contact babysitters

You contact an au pairs who you are interested in . Send a email, conduct phone interviews or skype..

Hire with confidence

Screen and hire the right person for you. Family can do their own screening or hire an agency.

For Jobseekers


Create a Profile

To create an account is free for charge.

Create a profile

Fill in the form, give all information and experience. Write a short Dear host family letter. Upload your picture.

Wait for interview

Check always your mailbox. Something like every two or three days.